IndoBuildTech Awards

KyivBuild CIP Programme

> IndoBuildTech Best Booth Award
The most important thing in Exhibition is how to deliver a message to their potential client and other visitors about their best products. One of the direct ways to deliver the message is to create a real experience through their booth in order to make sure that the potential client feels the advantages of their products. As a sign of appreciation for exhibitor’s effort to build a booth in a sort way, IndoBuildTech intends to reward for those who eligible and meet our criteria.

“IndoBuildTech Best Booth Award” is an award given to a chosen IndoBuildTech’s exhibitor who already registered as a special design booth from Hall 3A to Hall 10.

The chosen exhibitors will be categorized the award into 3 different nominations:
  • Bronze (9 – 36 sqm)
  • Silver (37 – 90 sqm)
  • Gold (above 90 sqm)
Each nomination will have 10 nominees and 3 winners.


IndoBuildTech Sustainable Product Award
IndoBuildTech Expo aware of the need for tangible actions to support the urban development, we engage IndoBuildTech visitors to pay kind attention about our earth by reducing the existing problem to achieve the sustainable cities. One small influential effort that we can work to is by choosing the right eco-friendly product which can reduce the excess carbon on earth. With the various range of products from IndoBuildTech’s exhibitor, the visitors can get a several options to help them learn and explore more about the sustainable products.

In return for helping us creating the sustainable cities, we give an appreciation to the entire exhibitors who produce a sustainable product by creating “IndoBuildTech Sustainable Product Award” because of their contribution to make a better world that we can hand to our future generations.

On this award, we categorize the nominees into 3 nominations:
  • Building Material & Equipment
  • Architectural Fundamental
  • Design & Decor Essential
Each nomination will have 10 nominees and 3 winners.