21-25 August, 2019

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“#53 Why Research in Architectural is Essential?”

by Archinesia
Date : Thursday, 22 August 2019
Time : 17.00 - 18.50 WIB
Location : Seminar Room 2, Jakarta Convention Center
Nowadays, a lot of things are developing very rapidly. The impact of this development is that everything makes it instant, so many people forget that not everything can be done instantly, including architecture. There is a process carried out on an architectural work, one of which is research.

Some architects want their work to be seen or appreciated not only the result but also the process and background that underlie the making of the work.

One of the objectives of research in architecture is the design or results of his work can be more accountable. From this background, FAA # 53 raised the topic of why research on architecture is important to provide information to participants on the answers to these topics of questions.
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