21-25 August, 2019

The 18th Exhibition of Building
Material and Interior

Jakarta Convention Center - JCC
2nd Phase

Delution Talks : Home Sweet Home

KyivBuild CIP Programme


by Delution

Date : Sunday, 24 August 2019
Time : 13.00 – 17.00 WIB
Location : Seminar Room 1, Jakarta Convention Center
A study states that with an estimated increase in house prices for the next five years reaching 150%, it will be difficult for most people to own their own homes, especially in Jakarta. This is caused by the escalation in house prices which is not comparable with the escalation in people's income which is generally only 60% in the same period.

One common solution is that this community can own a house by paying installments or applying for a mortgage. But is buying a house through the installments system will answer the dream of the community to have a house that suits the needs and character of the owner? As we all know, the houses that is offered to be able being purchased with the installments system are the type of houses that has been built and ready to be lived in.
The issue of the difficulty of owning a house in the present time raises the general paradigm that having a dream house with the help of architect services is not cheap. Whereas residence is one of the primary needs of humans that cannot be generalized to one another and should be well planned so that it matches the character of each owner. Appearing as one of the answers to this issue, DELUTION is here to provide a new paradigm that by hiring the services of architects, the community will be able to manifest their dream houses that can fit to their budget.

 Muhammad Egha, Co- Founder & CEO Delution
 Hezby Ryandi, Co – Founder  & CDO Delution


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