30 September−11 October 2020
Exhibition Beyond Boundaries

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Teaser Video IndoBuildTech
Digital Fair 2020

IndoBuildTech Digital Fair introduces a breakthrough idea for presenting innovative features in the platform. Check out our teaser video of IndoBuildTech Digital Fair 2020!


Opening Ceremony
IndoBuildTech Digital Fair 2020

As a digital platform that provides new experiences to interact with businesses in a healthy, safe and productive manner in an era of adaptation to new habits. Watch the opening ceremony here




With a variety of excellent features, Bangunesia will facilitate you to find the right business partner


Postshow 2019

We summarize the performance of the IndoBuildTech Expo from 20 March - 24 March 2019 in the Post-Show Report. Click here to see the highlight of the IndoBuildTech Expo 2019!