21-25 August, 2019

The 18th Exhibition of Building
Material and Interior

Jakarta Convention Center - JCC
2nd Phase


Pre-Show Video IndoBuildTech Expo 2019

Do you know that architectural technology is now increasingly sophisticated? Check out this pre-show video of IndoBuildTech Expo 2019 to get an overview about this year's theme, Establishing Architecture 4.0.


Post-Show Video IndoBuildTech Expo 2019

IndoBuildTech Expo 2019 witnessed a staggering 56.829 visitors from different parts of the country and world all in a span of five days! Take a look at our post-show video of IndoBuildTech Expo 2019.




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Establishing Architecture 4.0

IndoBuildTech Expo 2019 introduces a new architecture trend, namely “Establishing Architecture 4.0”.