21-25 August, 2019

The 18th Exhibition of Building
Material and Interior

Jakarta Convention Center - JCC
2nd Phase

The Largest Starbucks in Southeast Asia

KyivBuild CIP Programme


by Indonesia Construction & Architecture Network

Date : Saturday, 24 August 2019
Time : 10.00 – 12.00 WIB
Location : Seminar Room 2, Jakarta Convention Center
Starbucks Indonesia officially opened their latest coffee shop with the concept of a coffee sanctuary in the sunset road area, Bali. On an area of 1858 square meters, the network of global coffee shops from the United States is committed to provide the best coffee drinking experience.
Being the only coffee sanctuary in the world, Starbucks coffee sanctuary invites every visitor to get to know coffee more deeply by following the process, it stars from visiting coffee plantations, participating in stripping and washing coffee beans, then followed by the process of sorting and drying coffee beans , roasting, until the presentation.
This can be seen in its architecture which is inspired by traditional Balinese houses but with a more modern concept. To make the interior, starbucks cooperates with local craftsmen and artists. They try to tell the story of coffee in Indonesia, which started from wood carvings from six coffee-producing locations, to murals dedicated to coffee farmers.
This talk show discuss the ideas and inspiration on how architects design a space for well-known coffee shops by giving different experiences to each visitor, not only by enjoying a coffee dish but also learning and creating memories and experiences that make the entire customer trip truly enjoyable.

 Zenin Adrian, Principal Architect of ma-ru architect & interior
   Interior Lighting & Product Designer / Manufacturing
   Interior Working Space Designer / Manufacturing

                  Chairul Amal Septono, MTp, IAI, HDII – Principal Architect of unionEquil & CArchitect

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