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Socialization of Architect Law

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Socialization of Architect Law

by Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia (IAI) Banten
Date : Friday, May 4, 2018
Time : 13.30 - 18.10
Location : Nusantara 3 Convention Room, Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), BSD City

The Indonesian Institute of Architect (IAI) as the only professional architects’ organization in Indonesia, is highly concerned regarding regulations for architects’ practice in Indonesia. The practice of architects in Indonesia is based on regulations within the IAI organization (applied only for the members), as well as regulations on the national and international level. These regulations are recognition and enhancement to the role and position of architects on the national and international scale.
The ratification of the Architect Law in 2017 is a new milestone on the practice of architects in Indonesia. Nonetheless, the implementation of the Architect Law requires the role from various stakeholders to follow up the mandated. It requires the role of the national government to provide the derivatives regulations, the role of local government to licensed architects, the role of IAI to certified architects and providing sustainable professional education, as well as the role of architecture colleges to deliver excellent architectural education.
In respond to that, IAI Banten initiated the Socialization of Architect Law through a panel discussion from related stakeholders.



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