30 September−11 October 2020
Exhibition Beyond Boundaries

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Digital Fair Details

What is IndoBuildTech Digital Fair

IndoBuildTech Digital Fair Description

IndoBuildTech Digital Fair is innovation responding to the challenge from the exhibition industry of building material technology and interior that now runs into deep limitations in activities.
IndoBuildTech Digital Fair is packaged in a website platform that contains a 3-Dimensional booth view and product display where users can navigate, walk down the gangway, which resembles real activities in offline exhibition.
With a booth location that resembles the order of the exhibition floor plan, users can walk down the gangway and visit the exhibition booth displayed virtually. Users can use interactive features provided it deserves to do real activity in the booth of the original exhibition.

Reasons Behind IndoBuildTech Digital Fair

This year IndoBuildTech Expo developed an innovation in the exhibition to encourage all players in the building material technology industry and interiors to reach a wider market segment with the advantages of digital platforms.

Business activities on digital platforms also can present new potential to the sustainability of related industries, such as range of space and time without limitations, faster market growth, more product promotion opportunities, and also the ease of meeting between business owners and products needed.

How IndoBuildTech Digital Fair Works

IndoBuildTech Digital Fair as an online exhibition can be accessed by exhibitors and visitors through the website www.virtu-ex.com, which runs from 30 September - 11 October 2020.

IndoBuildTech Digital Fair can operate via smart devices such as laptops, computers, as well smartphones.

IndoBuildTech Digital Fair uses a 3D platform that opens up opportunities to feel the original exhibition through a digital platform.

IndoBuildTech Digital Fair provides various features so that visitors can communicate directly with exhibitors in real-time. The presence of the IndoBuildTech Digital Fair platform aims to assist all exhibitors in increasing brand awareness and bringing in more visitors online.

Why IndoBuildTech Digital Fair

Innovative Features

The presence of IndoBuildTech Digital Fair is a form of innovation in attracting greater attention of visitors to explore the exhibition more flexibly, and with this new experience, visitors are increasingly interested in visiting the original showroom and exhibition.

IndoBuildTech Digital Fair Future Opportunities

IndoBuildTech Digital Fair exhibition is a very dynamic marketing activity and also plays an important role in the industrial development process.

With technological developments as well as the increasing demand for infrastructure development, more segments are involved in developing industrial activities.
Therefore, in the future, activities in the development movement of an industry will become faster with technological advances that increase effectiveness and efficiency. This is where IndoBuildTech Digital Fair is here to answer future challenges to actively encourage the industry by involving more people from all corners of the world virtually.

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